Сумрачный блог Кирилла Панфилова

Shinobi: the smallest blog engine

Official website: www.shinobium.com.

This blog uses Shinobi blog engine as a program base. The 1st closed beta version of the engine has been released at 24 September 2009.

Shinobi’s weight is about 60 Kbytes as a kernel file or about 80 Kbytes with language file, CSS and configuration files, favicon and text editor. ZIPped files are about 30 Kbytes.

The main feature of Shinobi is that it needs the single file to work correctly: it is a kernel file; or two for protected mode. The rest are optional or created by engine.

Here are the functionality of Shinobi:

— authorization, creating/editing/removing/output of notes and comments, paging, text and topic/date search, editing topics, hidden notes, preferences, changing password, RSS, attached files, e-mail notifications;

— administrative dashboard is a part of the system: when you enter as an admin, you can do more than simple reader;

— drafts and simple moving notes from and to drafts;

— protection from a harmful code, captcha, nofollow/noindex;

— simple text pages; you can set any page as the main page of your website;

— dynamical pages (plug-ins) and snippets;

— editing CSS and templates in the administrative section;

— file manager;

— multilingual interface; tou can easily create your language files and set those as default;

— SEO features;

— documentation.

Pleasant little features:

— high speed;

— no database required;

— text parser uses P tag instead of BR when you input texts, but correctly proceeds empty lines and other tags;

— you can install Shinobi not only to the root directory of your server;

— customization of file paths and page extension in URLs: you can use .htm, or .php, or .aspx, .cfm, .pl, .jsp, or even .love, .ext, or without any extension.

Text editor uses light javascript framework Erumpu, but you can use any other editors.